On Sale: Aug. 8, 2006 Pages: 192 | ISBN: 9780375841248

About the Book

About the Author

Bill Gordh is an award-winning author, musician, and educator who has written numerous children’s books, including Barbie: Story Collection, Want a Ride?, and Barbie: Two Princesses. He has performed with the New York Philharmonic, as well as at the White House and the American Museum of Natural History. To learn more, visit billgordh.com.

Carol Pugliano-Martin is the author of numerous children’s books, including Too Much Fun, Barbie: Story Collection, and Barbie: A Day at the Fair.

Karen Wolcott is an illustrator known for Barbie: Horse Show Champ, Curlee Girlee, Starr and the High Seas Wedding Drama, This or That Quiz Book, A Smart Girl’s Guide: Babysitting: The Care and Keeping of Kids and many more.  

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